EBAY, The Biggest, Shilliest, and MOST Fraud Ridden Website On The Planet Bar NONE!!

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The FEDS know it, I know, it YOU know it, now it’s time someone wrote about it.

Just go to Ebay and BID on anything.

99.9% of REAL Legitimate bidders, already know that to bid early is to have your bid bumped up, either to it’s max, or they go over it, slightly, wait until someone else bids and then it happens all over again, and again, and again.

REAL ebayers, know that they will only put in their bid at the very last minute, because of the fuckwads that pull this shit. These are usually the bidder (under another identity..discussed later),or one of their friends or business partners, and YES, even ebay themselves, bumping up the bid, because it enhances their bottom line. The more the seller gets, the more ebay gets,  in fees, and paypal transactions and/or fees. (also discussed later)

You make a bid, then some fucking idiot asswipe shill bidder, comes in and bids 10, 20, and even over a  hundred times to overcome your bid. Yet, they NEVER seem to go OVER your bid…just up to what they suspect is your high or max bid. Clicking or selecting the “have ebay bid for you) button, is just plain stupid, as you KNOW what is about to happen. THAT only gives ebay the right to fuck you out of your hard earned money, with YOUR permission. How fucking stupid is THAT?

This is shill bidding (which constitutes fraud) and it happens, on almost every item that is bid on, barring almost none. Try it and see…pick an item, any item, put in a high bid (more than you would actually spend on their shit), and watch the bids roll in, one at a time, until they think they have reached your limit. Someone else comes in, bids, even more, and yet, no one seems to go over your high bid. If they do, watch that item come right up for bids/sale, again, with no explanation for WHY it came back up for bid. At this point, you can do it again, and watch the fun begin, once again. I gaurantee you this will happen 99.9%, if not 100% every time.

Ebay knows about it, the FEDS know about it, WE know about it, and see it every day, yet, no one does jack shit about it. So how and why is EBAY allowed to get away with this shit? Have the feds Turned a blind eye? Are the feds paid off? Is your congressman paid off by Ebay? Does the fucking pope have a gold lined shitter? Does a bear shit in the fucking woods? YOU BET YOUR ASS!!!!!

How is it that ebay can defraud half or more of america and get away with absolutely NO retribution from ANY law enforcement office? Department of Justice my ass. How about Department of Paid off, BLIND fucking assholes and idiots.

I can show you, item after item, that this is happening on. One or 2, you sould say it is just  the selelrs fault. But EACH AND EVERY FUCKING ITEM? That smacks the shit out of fraud and ebay is perpetuating it, condones it, and is, in my oopinion, even doing it, going as far as to actually HIRE people to do it.

If you read their rules, this is forbidden and they give examples, which are EXACTLY what I am talking about, and to which I will show examples, in this article, of. If they know about it, then they are actually behind it, because they have such sofisticated software, they ALWAYS know who is doing what and which are doing it, how they are doing it, and when they are doing it. You tell them about it, and it just keeps going on, with the same old sellers, over and over and over again, even if they change identities, add new identities, etc. Those 10,000 plus sellers…..same shit. Look at their feedback, and you wil lsee other ebay rules being broken ,and ebay letting it happen, too.

You and I get so many negative feedacks, in a certain amount of time and we get suspended or kicked out. YET, look at the high feedback sellers, and oyu wil lsee they top what you and could get, by a FAR and WIDE margin, yet they are still allowed to sell, without suspension, or being banned from selling. Some of thise have as many as 1000 NEGATIVE feedback a month, THAT’S A  MONTH, NOT A YEAR!!!!, yet they are still allowed to keep fucking people aout of their money, unimpuned. how the FUCK does this keep happening? Answer: EBAY is behind the biggest fraud in amercan history, and have som many people paid off, it isn’t funny.

Lets take an example like this

notice the number of bids by a NEGATIVE feedback biddder and the ZERO bidder. Neither one should have even been ALLOWED to bid on this item, period, other than to make ONE bid. Yet ebay allows this and the seller did, too, showing that the negative feedback bidder must be in league with (at least) the seller.

In looking this up, under the number of bidders page, we see that the bidder(s) both zero and negative feedback, have bid on this sellers items 75% or more of the times, and under the ebay rules, fal linto the category of SHILL BIDDERS, because neither has ever won an item, they just bid them up for the seller.

This means, that the potential buyers are 1) the seller himself under another identity (ebay says this is impossible, but people do it all the time, check and google it, to find out how), and ebay themselves, also say that they disallow this happening, o a daily basis. Apparently they can’t use mathmatical calculations to find this, as it shoudl be easy as hell to do. They just don’t WANT to do it, as it would affect their bottom line….. MONEY!!!!!

In googing this I fgould that these people do it for several reasons.

1) is to prime the bid (to get someone started bidding on the item, so others think it is actually worth something)

2) to jack up the bid , in order to not LOOSE money on the item they are trying to sell, which  may or may not be junk, in the first place.

3) to just jack up the orice, in order to make the most money they can, without being caught and having to relist the item, again

The true depth if this can be onoted by simply watching the item come back up for sale, AGAIN, and sometimes the seller will make note that the original buyer was a “non paying” bidder, which ebay has blocked you from finding out who it is, in their infinite stupidity, and so you can’t see the “non paying” bidders feedback, to prove it was a shill bid, in the first place.

Ebay has gone to great lengths to keep you from finding out who the main parties are, pulling this shit on unsuspecting buyers, because you would probably find out ebay, itself, is a party to this, and I suspect and have suspected for some time, that ebay hires people to do this to increase their bottom line, from the fees it charges for each and every sale. I do not soubt ebay has hired, on it’s staff, people to just sit and bid on certain items, that are currently in demand, so they increase their revenue from sales by these means. If you knew it was  happening, you wouldn;t bid on those items.

In fact, REAL bidders on ebay KNOW not to bid on an item, until the last few seconds,  because they KNOW, also, that some jack ass will ALWAYS come in and jack up the bid, to what they think is your limit, if not going over it slightly in the process. They bid one bid at a time, so they can withdraw that particular bid, in case they accidentally go  over your limit, and they don’t have to actually BUY the item, they are selling for themselves.

I have recorded several examples like this:

Note the bidder with 546 feedbacks comes in on Nov. 13th at 19:57 (all times are PST…pacific time) and makes a legitimate bid.

Here comes the ZERO feedback bidder, just after 20:29, on the same day and makes  a multiple of bids, and it appears goes over the bidder by one bid (note it was only by 4 cents, which ebay shouldn’t have allowed anyway…most are 25 cents  minimum).

so the next dat ,just before 7 a.m. another apparently legit bid comes in, so ZERO bidder, comes in again, and bids over that bid (most likely he thought the 2nd legit bidder had bid higher), and notice it was just 2 minutes after the 2nd legit bidder. Time says everything. He is watching the bids, so he/she (the seller) can either bid as the zero, or have a friend do it, mother daughter son, cousin, whatever.

another few good bids come oin, so now the seller thinks it will go as high as he wants, but wait….

Notice at  the top of the page, bidder with 507 feedbacks comes in, just after midnight and makes his big bid (with 507 feedbacks, he should know better)

So, hers comes the 17 feedback bidder (i suspect as being somehow connected to the seller) who makes 5 more bids, to drive up the price, yet never overcomes the 507 feedback bidder’s bid.

The bottom eline is this item(a graphics card, probably used for cryptocoin mining) should have sold for around 50 bucks, but was driven up to over 162.50 (bid wasn’t over when I snapped the picture), so ebay’s bottom line (about 12%, plus listing fees, and paypal fees…[ebay owns paypal]), increased from about 7 bucks to over 25 bucks.

Do this hundreds of not thousands of times daily, and you see  how much ebay is jacking up it’s profits, at YOUR expense. YOU have to pay listing fees, 12% to ebay from your sale, and then another 2-5% to paypal for using their services. And ebay says you HASVE to accept paypal as a payment method, on each and every sale, period.

Look at these examples and the sheer nu,mber of bids by a suingle (supposed) buyer, and  tell me ebay is not allowing shill biding. If you do ,then you are one big, dumbass, fucking idiot.

Look at these and tell me they are not shill bidders.

this foirst guy has put in over 440 bids on 60 different items, yet never won one.

How is this guy even ALLOWED to bid on anything, as he is obviously a shill bidder for sale, and it looks, suspiciously, like he is attached to ebay as an employee.

and here is another example. Note this guy has bid on 40+ items, 50% of which are with this seller, yet he has never won an item, and is still at zero feedbacks.

Most legitimate sellers doon’t even ALLOW zero feedback bidders without some form of contact  before even MAKING a bid on their items.

Yet another example.

Notice this chickenshit motherfucker has bid over a thousand times(1067)  on over 715  items, yet never won one, and has withdrawn his bids (1067 of the motherfuckers, over a 6 month period), and that is only a 30 day total. 30 fucking days he pulls this shit, yet ebay actually allows him to be a member. Over 6 months to retract 1067 bids? How is this motherfucker NOT suspended or even kicked off ebay? I, also, suspect those 1067 retractions are for 30 days NOT 6 months, as this is SUPPOSED t obe a “30″ day total, not 6 months, thrown in for good measure. Note how the numbers match up. However, at 100 bids wothdrawn over a 30 day period, it still violates ebay rules. NO ONE poulls that shit without being a shill bidder , or just some stupid kid bidding and withdrawing his bids, becaus ehe is afraid of actually winning some high priced item. Looking at this guys history, he  only wins 1 and 2 dollar items, so that should tell ebay ‘s (stupid assed, idiot motherfucker) people something.

the answer: MONEY!!!!! ebay’s bottom line……….

I have left negative feedback for some motherfucker and ebay had banned me several times, for just  negative feedback, so how does this son of a bitch get away with this shit?

He HAS to be an ebay employee, period, or something extremely similar. Otherwise he has violated every rule in ebays books, and ebay is knowingly leting his get away with this shit.

When you see all those bids, especially by the same buyer, just jacking up the price, stay the fuck away.

As I stated earlier in this article REAL ebay bidders KNOW not to bid on ANY item until the last few seconds, because some jackass motherfucker will ALWAYS come in and jack you up and yet, never go OVER your bid.

Ebay’s feedback policy is a fucking joke.

I recently was selling some fucking ram, no less fucking RAM!!! on ebay and refused to sell to a certain buyer. So when he paid, I immediatley refunded his money and relisted the item.

The dumb fuck was actually aloowed to leave me negative feedback mbut wehen I left a negative remark in HIS feedback, ebay removed it. What kind of fucked up shit is this?

He wasn’t allowed to buy my item, yet he was allowed to leave a negative remark in my profile.

The stupid motherfucker, also has an illegal email address (doesn’t work), which is against ebay policy, yet they allow him to pull this shit. Talk about heads up their ass!!!!!!!

I withdrew everything I was selling, and refuse to sell on ebay ever again. I don’t care if I have to throw the shit away, it isn’t getting listed on fucking ebay (or craigslist…read about that elsewhere on this shit).

IT took an act of  fucking congress to get the stupid motherfuckers at ebay to sto ptrying t oicharge me a “final value fee”, because I refunded the dip shit his money 100%.

This shows you what dumbass motherfuckers you have to deal with at ebay. And YES, the dumb motherfuckers have their “contact staff” in FUCKING CHINA”!!!!!, So oy uhave to fight the badly broken english, just to get the motherfuckers to understand you and you them, in the first fucking place. Ebay will try everything inthe fucking book to get you to get fucked.

I don’t doubt this is one reason the stupid fucks were bombed at  their office in California. And  hats off the the motherfucker who did it. Hopefully it will send a fucking message to the fucks at ebay, to stop fucking people over, and I hope the person who did it gets away with it. And, hopefully, too, the FEDS get the mesaage about how ebay is fucking  MILLIONS americans over and over again, and doing it with impunity. How are these motherfuckers allowed to keep their money in offshore accounts, anyway. If WE do (you and me) we have the government  barking up our ass. These motherfuckers just keep getting away with it, day after day, week after week, month after month year after year. WHO THE FUCK have they paid off in our gonverment to  look the other way?


REAL auctions make you bid OVER the original bid, or your bid isn’t accepted, period.

Even “Bids By Proxy” have certain rules they must adhere to.

Those RESERVE price auctions, are ALWAYS said or told UPFRONT. They NEVER make you GUESS at what some idiot wants for their trash. NEVER!!!

bay breaks ALL the rules that every auctioneer in the United Staes must stick to, or loose their license.

So How does EBAY get away with their shit? How do they keep from getting audited evary other day, for fraudulent sales and tactics. How are they allowed to MAKE or FORCE sellers t ouse paypal as a service, or to use a CREDIT CARD, when they can spend cash just as well. I used to use postal money orders, until ebay banned the practice, because they couldn’t collect their fees from people using cash. And then when you use credit cards, they have the chance (and they do it) to abuse your credit card, charge things back to it, at their discretion, and then YOU have to go to your bank, file against them in order to collect your money back, and that can takes months.

I, personally, sold a guitar amplifier to a buyer in California.

This amplifier was used ON STAGE by several musicians, up until the day it shipped out, so it’s condition was a no brainer. It was in perfect, unsullied,  unmolested condition period.

They removed the collectible speakers in it, replaced them with some beat up copies, marked with red fuingernail polish oin the speaker terminals (which a REAL tech never does because positive and negatives are ALWAYS and ALREADY marked on the terminals at the factory) actually rewired it inside, WRONG, removed the tubes from it ands sent it back as no functioning. Ebay and paypal, in their infinite stupidity told me I had to refund their money.

I refused, sent them pictures (which, buy the way were posted in the original ad on ebay), of it’s condition the day it was shipped out, and they still told me I had to refund their  money, which I never did. I, also sent them pictures of the damage they inflicted on my amp, but these people are dip shit idiots and wouldn’t know a goddamned thing about electronics if it hit them in the fucking face. I, also, again, sent them WRITTEN statements from the musicians who used the amp up unti lthe day it left my shop. Again, they ignored the truth, and emailed me (they wouldn’t talk to me personally, because they are chickenshit idiot bastards) and told me I would have to refund their money.

Fuck them and the stupid assed horse they rode in on.

I went to my bank and told them ,in writing that ebay and paypal should have absolutely no access to my account, and close my ebay account.

They banned me, yet never close my account. What the fuck was this about? Keeping my acount open? How fucking stupid ARE THEY?

I kept the amplifier, which I still have, and replaced the collectible (hard to find original issue celestion g-10 60 watt) speakers at an expense of 240 dollars, rewired the amp back to it’s original condition, and replaced the tubes (at a cost of another 80 bucks).  And told them to go fuck themselves. The little shit o nCalifornia thought they would get away with this shit, but they didn’t, and I had the last laugh. I got their money and the amp, to boot. I just spent hat they paid on getting is restored back to it’s condition before it weas shipped to the fucking idiots.

This is why ebay wants control of your paypal account.

Recently, they told me they would allow me to sell 1500 dollas worth of stuff (after a year of  wrangling on my new account, which I opened right after they pulled this shit…I could care less really). The kicker was, they weanted to give me 1500 dolalrs worth of credit, yet wanted access to 330,000 (yes three hundred thousand) dollars worth of access to my bank account through paypal. I shut that shit down, within minutes. 1500 dollars worth of credit for 330,00 worth of access, my ass. The most they could draw for 1500 worth of credit (both ebay and paypal combined) was 255 dollars in their fucked up fees.

They can kiss my motherfucking ass if they want to pull that shit. Talk about an excuse to abuse an account. What a bunch of fucking idiots. Who, in the fuck, in their right mind would give these fucking idiots to that much money from their bank account. A pretty goddamned stupid motherfucker, that’s who.

Who the fuck does ebay think they are?

My last line is this “caveat Emptor” or Buyer beware. Especially of ebay’s shit.

Wanna get fucked? Try to buy or sell anything on fucking ebay.

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