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I take no fees, and add no values to what you want to sell.
I will accept no ads, for now, and will not present any ads, on your pictures, or listings

However, spamming assholes will be deleted and black-listed.
Commercial sales will be deleted. I am not a platform for your commercial bullshit.

List it once and see if it sells.
ALL posts will be deleted after a certain amount of time, to be determined by me.
Any bullshit about religion or whores or other bullshit, will be deleted, period and you will be blacklisted.

I am not responsible for what you post, although it will be watched and deleted as neccessary.

People who buy items from this list, are taking all of the risk by contacting you, so if you are found to be a thief, we will post your name, address, picture and whatever else we can find to stop your thieving ass. Although I cannot stop someone from emailing you spam, their entire ip will be blocked if I am told about spam, and if you will send me their email “@whatever.com”, .net, whatever). They will, also, be reported to the appropriate authorities.
Live.com will not be able to post here, as well as linkedin.com, hotmail.com, craigslist.com, and several others I have already deemed to be major spammers and bullshit artists.
Links to other sites will, also, be deleted.
We will do all we can to stop thieves, and scammers from posting on this site, but use it at your own risk. Most posts wil be deleted after 30 days. Some may be allowed to stay longer. We ask that you delete you post if and when your item sells, and not do your work for you, keeping up with your shit. It is not my job to take care of your shit, for you, and if you make me do it for you, too many times, I will black list your entire isp.
By using this service, you automatically agree to my terms, or be blocked, peroid, no exceptions.
Anyone posting shit about personal services, will be blocked.
Posting about firearms, will be tracked, and reported, if found to be illegal.
I suggest you do ALL firearms deals through a registered broker or FFL dealer.
The same about jewelry, gold, diamonds, etc.
Use a Reputable dealer to do the brokering for you.
They may take a fee, but won’t, usually, fuck you over. They have a reputation to maintain
If you find an item you would like, along those lines, then contact the dealer(s) and have them look at the ad, or item for you, BEFORE you buy it.

if you post more than once, all of your ads will be deleted, as multiple posts are tantamount to spam.
Once again, post at your own risk, sell at your own risk, buy at your own risk.
If someone fucks you over, get their contact information and contact the authorities.
Better yet, find the bastard(s) and kick the shit out of their thieving fucking ass.
If you list something for twice or more of it’s value, new, (and we’ll look it up, with due dilligence, to make sure it deserves the marker)then I will add a marker, that will denote this as a bullshit listing, as I don’t like people trying to rape other people for a pile of shit cheap item. This will let potential buyers know, to look elsewhere for the same item at half your price. Such an item would be some jerk trying to sell a fender squire, as an american, mexican, or japanese made fender, as these are a dime a dozen, people buy them for their kids, and I have seen jerks try to pass these off as better than the regular made fender guitars. Another instance would be someone listing a Gibson guitar, and then when you read it, it is a fucking epiphone. Some epi’s are very nice, but if you don’t SAY it is an Epiphone, in your title, it’s going to either be deleted or marked as a bullshit ad. Same thing with “Gibson STYLE, or Gibson TYPE. If it isn’t a Gibson, then say so. If it is not a fender, then by god, say so, or it gets tagged or deleted.

Remember, this is a national listing, not local, so either be ready to ship, or state that you will not ship, or will not ship to certain states, areas, or whatnot, and how much you are going to rape them for shipping it to them.
I am not ebay, nor am I paypal, nor does any of this go through my hands.
I say…fuck paypal, and do business the right way, in cash, or through a broker of some kind.
Western Union is going to rape you the most, and I would advise staying away from them.
Your bank will do bank transfers, and will hand you cash from your account.
Paypal, although it is owned by bullshit ebay, at least has some protection.
There are other services as well, which I wil provide links to, in the future.
Bitcoins are, also a good bet, and there are brokers out there to handle them, also, usually for a fee.
I may or may not, also, provide that service, in the future.

Caveat Emptor…buyer beware. ALWAYS……

If enough people post, we will try and make categorized listings.

There are other catagories for your bullshit. Post that shit there and not in the for sale catagory.

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