Craigslist Sucks & They Know It

Posted by miks_daddy on November 7th, 2013 filed in Rant

Ever try to contact craigslist?

It cannot be done.

If you try and contact them, all you get is a robotic answer, and it is ALWAYS, “please read the website”.

Like all you have to do in life is read their stupid website.

What are these fucking idiots at craigslist and just what do they actually do for a living?

Luckily is loosing customers fast, and I hope they die a horrible death.

Some one ought to slap the shit out of the CEO & the owners of CL, just to let them know we ALL think they suck like a vacuum cleaner.

If they say something back, just refer them to their own website for help.

These guys, actually solicit money for causes (their own, I suspect), so any time you are contacted by CL, for anything, just refer them to your own site and it’s help section/pages.

Don’t give them anything else. In fact, send them a bill for harrassing you,  on your private time.

These people think they are smug and resistant to anyone and everyone, like ebay thinks they are. (but that’s another story, read about it here)

I, for one, get sick and tired of my ads, put on CL, legally and according to their own “rules”, yet some dipshit, always flags them off, within minutes.

I recommend Craigslist Software | Zion Master’s Suite

for getting rid of everyone else’s ads but yours. Hell, if I can’t post, no one can. It’s THEIR attitude, so by god, adopt it, use it, and let them have it.

If they are going to piss you off, them by god, piss THEM off. The saying goes “If you throw enough shit against the wall, some is bound to eventually stick”. Hopefully the dipshits at C: wil lget the fucking message.

I think EVERYONE should have a FCL tee-shirt. If you are asked what it means, tell them. It means FUCK CRAIGSLIST. If you can’t find one, then make one, or get someone to make one for you.

Craigslist is responsible for murderers, whore, thieves, and all kinds of other scum bag motherfuckers, and CL could give a rats ass.

Craigslist flaggers are the  lowest form of scum sucking jerk-off pigfucking assholes on the planet. Who the fuck do they think they are?

If I knew one or know one, I would certinly tell how I feel, right to their stupid fucking idiot assed face, and hos fucked they have to be to be pulling this shit.

These people think they are some kind of king dick censor and everything they do it right and YOUR not.

I think they are the biggest bunch of stupid fucking asswipe motherficking cocksuckers on the planet, with the possible exception of who the fuck is running Ebay (the biggest bunch of  fucking thieves on the planet). (HEY Ebay, why are all of your accounts OFFSHORE and why don’t the Feds come after your stinking ass?)

And along THOSE lines…. who the fuck is and why do they attack everyone who posts ANYTHING on CL. Just list something on craigslist and see  how many responses you get from the asswipe cocksuckers at Just like linkedin, they have absolutely NO fucking use in our society, PERIOD!!!! They are just a bunch of fucking idiots, trying to take advantage of everything and everybody

They’re god-damned sure not God, or they wouldn’t be doing this shit, for sure. (would you?…fuck no, I would be king of the fucking world, turning everything  I touched into gold, sending Obama straight to hell, along with George Bush and a few others I can think of, who are destroying (and have destroyed) your way of life, and lying, cheating and stealing along the way.) George Bush is so fucking paranoid, he had his house in Texas declared a “no fly zone”. Dickhead Chaney, is so paranoid, he won’t even leave his house.

Bottom line is this:

Fuck and the stupid fucking horse they rode in on.

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