Seriously Kinky

Posted by Larry on June 30th, 2005 filed in Politics, Rave

Only when pushed, and then prodded and then finally pinned, will Richard Friedman explain why he’s running as an independent candidate for Texas governor. Initially, he will offer only the glib, catchy one-liners that befit the songwriter nicknamed Kinky who once proclaimed, “They ain’t makin’ Jews like Jesus anymore.” He will say things like “I’m for the little fellers, not the Rockefellers.” He will inform you that people are tired “of the choice between paper and plastic.” He will explain that the Capitol building in Austin is seven feet taller than our nation’s Capitol, but that ours “was built for giants, and instead it’s inhabited by midgets.” He has a million of them, and by the time November 2006 comes around–hell, by the time you finish reading this story–no doubt you will have heard many of them several times.

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