Bush visit brings controversy

Posted by Larry on May 19th, 2005 filed in Media, Rant

I wonder where he will make the graduating Seniors wearing the armbands stating “God is not a Republican or Democrat” go, since this is a commencement ceremony. It looks like people are putting their money where their beliefs are….about time.

Calvin College may be predominantly Republican, but a visit from President George W. Bush on Saturday is stirring up some discontent among students, faculty and alumni.

One-third of the faculty members have signed a letter of protest that will appear in a half-page ad in the Grand Rapids Press on Saturday, the day Bush is to deliver the commencement address to 900 graduating seniors at Calvin. The ad cost $2,600.

“As Christians, we are called to be peacemakers and to initiate war only as a last resort,” the letter says. “We believe your administration has launched an unjust and unjustified war in Iraq.”

More than 800 students, faculty and alumni also have signed a letter protesting Bush’s visit that will appear Friday as a full-page ad in the Grand Rapids paper. The ad cost more than $9,500.

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