Forget the Past?

Posted by RadicalRob on March 26th, 2005 filed in General

Having been a yearling at the West Texas Boys Ranch in San Angelo from 1966 to 1969, let me tell you a horry story.
in 1968 while on a bus ride into town, (attending Robert E. Lee Jr. High at the time)I was struck in the face by a young mexican Boy, let’s call him J. Moral-less. He had 2 other older brothers at the ranch, so ranch alumni will know who he is. This kid comes to the back of the bus, hits me in the mouth and returns to his seat. Agged on by the other “ranch boys”, to not take it lying down or I wasn’t a “true ranch boy”, I got up and hit him back, real hard, splitting his lip. He then bounces back to the rear of the bus, spouting off in tex-mex, and wiping his mouth and slinging the blood on the entire back of the bus, inevitably hitting the “older” boys with it. Wholly cow, I had done it now.
I was kicked off the bus and told to walk back to the ranch, which was 14 miles to the rear, and when I got there to report to the ranch manager. As luck would have it, about 3 miles from the ranch, I got a ride from an older man who delivered me back to the ranch. Thank you whom ever you were. I was tired and hot.
To make a long story short, later I was beaten by the ranch manager with a half a baseball bat with 3 holes down the center, 24 licks, until my ass was not only bleeding through my underwear, but through my pants as well.. Later I had to face the wrath of the older boys, (who really in truth has some mercy on me), and was attacked behind the kitchen by the same mexican boy and his 2 brothers. Two of my friends pulled the 2 brothers off of me and gave them a message to not gang up on anyone, and I proceeded to kick the younger brother’s butt, but only slightly, uuntil he said he wanted no more. He was, in fact my own age, his brothers were 2 and 3 years older than me, which I had to face in later days. I never lost the fight, ever!!!
My point is nothing ever happened to these brothers or the original trouble maker. And certainly nothing like what ass beating I was given by a 40 year old man, with his favorite paddle, and used 2-handed.
Now, every timne I hear something about this “boys Ranch” It just disgusts me, and I want everyone who can read to see and hear what can happen to YOUR child at this ranch. Even boys who “ran away” from the ranch never faced such a horrible beating, and to this day I am the only one I know of who had to endure this beating. Think is doesn’t scar you? think again…………….
All of this was sanctioned by the then President of the Ranch, we’ll call him M.C. Craghead
I state no lies, and can back this up with facts.
Their “moto was don’t brand a boy, build a man”, which has since been changed. I take since the child beating days.
It should have been “Why build a man,. when you can have lots more fun branding a child”. and get away with it.
Kenneth Howell, where ever you are, I hope you died a rotten death, and at least one person pissed on your grave.

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