Those Bastards

Posted by Larry on March 13th, 2005 filed in Rant

“You waive any right to privacy.” AOL has just updated the terms of service for Instant Messanger, which include agreeing to the new requirement that AOL owns everything you write, has the right to reproduce it at will, and that you waive all requirements for prior approval to do so.

It gets WORSE.

I would suggest migrating to Gaim. I will report more on this later.

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  1. miks_daddy Says:

    when will someone challenge the vaidity of all of these jerks being able to change the terms of a contract without WRITTEN consent of the contractee.
    Have you notied all of those credit card servcices changing your contract terms, without even giving youthe CHANCE to say no, including your interest rate, which was supposed to be FIXED!!!
    And NOW they want congress to pass a law taking away your right to file bankruptcy, and leave it in place only for corporations?
    Just who the hell are we electing, and why is it becoming a big business, now, instead of those who really wish to protect our collective interests?
    What we Should be doing, is taking a good look at who sponsors those congress, people we elect, and vote for the guy that ISN’T sponsored by corporate america.
    All we need now is ALL of congress standing up and telling each other to “go fuck themselves”, like the largest shareholder of Haliburton, i.e. VP Cheney, and his body guards who tell our congress they have to pass certain laws without EVER READING them. How fucking stupid is THAT!!!!!
    I hope someday, someone sticks it up their collective asses.

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