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Posted by Larry on April 25th, 2005 filed in Rant

Matthew Haughey says he won’t read our blogs if we use the term “mainstream media” (a.k.a. MSM).

A news flash for Matt: We don’t care.

We don’t care if you read our web logs.

The difference, Matt, is that we are independent actors, not part of a small set of multi-billion dollar corporations. The difference is that we are not under the constraints of making a 15% profit. The difference is that we are a distributed information system, whereas MSM is like a set of stand-alone mainframes. The difference is that we can say what we damn well please.

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  1. RadicalRob Says:

    Radicalrob says:
    mainstream media…mainstream media…mainstream media
    ooooooooooohh, I am so scared Matt won’t read my site……….gee, maybe I should go take a dump………..

    “Matt, get a real life, asshole. Think you can control free speach in America?
    Don’t like our blogs? Kiss my ass…………..
    You are just like those idiots protesting TV shows, turn off the fricking set, or change the fricking channel, you stupid jerk heads. I don’t see anyone putting a gun to your head and making you watch those shows, or making you read those Blogs”.
    Know what the off button is and how it works. Don’t like it, don’t read it, don’t like it, turn the damned thnig off or go to another channel, go to the wrong site?…hit the fricking BACK button…..get a fricking brain, idiot!!!!!!!
    Education in America at it’s best, huh? Makes one wonder where Matt got his, and who taught him that crap.

    mainstream media…mainstream media…mainstream media….mainstream media…mainstream media
    now go somewhere else Matt……….

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